Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Some Student Email From CrayonEater.

Over 10 days ago I emailed a take-home test to my students. I strongly suggested that they begin working on it ASAP as it was a lot of reading. Here are some of the emails I received the night before it was due:


Dear Ms. CrayonEater Can you please send me some examples (pictures) of mythical creatures? Is it animal or a place, a building or house? I do not understand from question on test (number 7)

Thank you so much

(I told her to look the word up.)


I usually read from the book from the library I don't have one and did not have enough money to make copies yesterday should I make copies of the sections before the exam or is there any chance I can borrow a book from you or something just for this test because I have no idea what to do or share a book with someone in class

(I asked him why had he not been reading the assigned passages all semester.)


Hi Mrs. CrayonEater,
My grandmother is still in the hospital and I'm here taking care of her. Am I allowed to email in my test to you? I'm so sorry for the absence but I'm her only caretaker and she has been here since Sunday. I already have it finished just wanted to see if it was ok if I emailed it to you. Thank you. I can bring her hospital documents to show you if necessary. Just let me know, thank you very much. God bless.

(Haven't heard from that last guy since after I replied that he should email it to me. He was absent the class before due to car trouble. )



  1. I feel your pain. This is an actual e-mail I received from a student last semester, two hours after the deadline to submit their final project:

    "Hello teacher my computer in the shop is there anyway turn in to you on cd because it would let me upload my project."

    I didn't censor the message. That was her actual salutation and it was really formated as a single sentence on one line.

  2. This, of course, is when you have an unmissable meeting (even if it's with your pajamas, a pint of something in the alcoholic and/or frozen dairy category, the cat/dog, and the TV) the night before whatever is due, which precludes your answering email until the following morning (after the deadline). You can then either ignore the emails, or send back a breezy "sorry I wasn't able to answer emails last night; I hope you figured it out on your own." Actually, many of them do, if forced to RTFD[irections], figure it/a solution out on their own.


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