Saturday, April 13, 2013

An N'Ko Alphabet Day Miracle!

Yes,, of course you know it's N'Ko Alphabet Day.  I hope you've been celebrating appropriately as I have.  In fact, what are you doing reading this blog right now, anyway?  Go party like it's 1949 in West Africa!

I am taking a break from the festivities at Stately Beaker Ben Manor to fill you in on the greatest event ever to occur on N'Ko or any other language's alphabet day. 

I received a a polite, clearly written and reasonable request from a student.

He spelled my name correctly, addressed me as "Dr." and apologized for interrupting my weekend.  (He apologized!  Can you believe that?)  His Turn It In score for his lab report was 20% similar so he was concerned.  My new favorite student checked and found that it was stuff like the lat report title and some information on the experiment data sheet.  Basically, he didn't plagiarize but he emailed me because he just wanted to make sure.  Oh, and he's turned in his report four days early, which gives me time to double check his draft and make suggestions for improvement.

As if I didn't have enough reason to celebrate today, right?

I've read about courteous students on the internet but never really believed those stories.  My friends, it is true!

OK, OK, sorry to distract you from your N'Ko celebrations.  Get back to your party.


  1. Always good to have a report of a sighting of the courteous (and conscientious, and organized!) student. Do you by any chance have a grainy photo or shaky video? Such accompaniments are, I believe, customary when announcing appearances of possibly-mythical beasts.

    And I am glad to hear that the N'Ko alphabet is alive and well and being properly celebrated. Personally, I am marking the day by participating in the Ritual Grading of the Papers (in English, sadly. Well, I'm pretty sure they're supposed to be in English, although a few sentences leave room for doubt. Perhaps I should consult google translate.)

  2. Wonderful post and comments.

    I hadn't realized that by participating in the Ritual Grading of the Papers today, I was celebrating N'Ko Alphabet Day. I wonder how the West African Big Bird would sing that song?

  3. Rats. Had I remembered it was a holiday yesterday, maybe I would've been motivated to participate in the Ritual Grading of the Papers. Or not.

    In any case, Ben already got the best gift!!


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