Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Lighter Side of the Force...

TK-421 reporting from my post here in Podunk, Nowhere, an ahhh...what a treat!  I had to check my vitae to be sure, but it was the first time in six years that I got to present an academic paper at an honest-to-baby Jesus academic conference!  I got to express my love of European Hamster-fur Weaving in a Maritime Environment.  One person showed up to my panel.  One tea-partying person!  But it was still glorious.  The panel, our moderator, and one very enthusiastic attendee had a great talk anyways! 

It was all glorious!  From the disorganized registration desk, to the cross-legged academics eating crappy sandwiches during the "lunch provided," to the late, late nights drinking copious amounts of beer, tequila, and vodka with friends whom I had just met and may never meet again.  They were all beautiful people, and I love them all.  I just wish I could remember most of their names. 

Sure, I've been to plenty of professional conferences during the past six years, talking about "assessment" and "accountability" and all the rest of the dark side of the Force, but it is not exactly the same.  Its a different vibe with those groups.  Much like space, they are cold and professional.  Certainly not the types to be doing tequila slammers while debating the historical impact of the South-Italian rebellion on the production hamster-fur based goods in the 19th century!  So it was nice to take off the armor and masquerade as one of the Rebels, if only for an all to short weekend!  Alas, it is back to work this week.  The Empire needs me...



  1. Replies
    1. I was hoping it would be crappy enough!

  2. The drinking is the best part of conferences. Actually, that's true not just for conferences.

  3. LOVE the graphic!

    This sounds like all of my panels during this year's conference tour. It actually does make for better conversations, though. People can let their hair down a little more easily for 2-5 than for 15-20.

    Glad you had a good time running with the rebels!

  4. Thank you for the graphic love! And you are right! We had a GREAT discussion! We were able to go through our papers more informally and get to some really interesting questions. Everyone learned something.

  5. That room looks all too familiar (well, give or take the storm trooper(?)). I especially like the lumbar supports on the chairs (which, in my experience, would be guaranteed to hit my back in the exact wrong place, thus making the chair even less comfortable than one not so equipped).


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