Thursday, April 25, 2013

The PhD Blues by Compound Cal • A New VidShizzle.


  1. I love you, Cal. This is the only time I've laughed this year.

  2. Don't you have to grade finals or something Cal?

    PS: I love this...

    Leslie K

  3. I just want to kiss your big bald head, you beautiful bastard.

  4. I didn't even see the Yaro shoutout!!! FANTASTIC.

  5. Can we just all get Cal into some hall of fame or something.

    "I'm going to go out golfing, then smoke a little weed..." I cracked up.

  6. "You mean we both need to read the book?"
    "Between the two of you . . 75 brain cells. "

    I so need these subtitles in my life.

  7. Fantastic! (Although I suspect that Mrs. Yaro has somewhat more refined taste......)

  8. Love it! Love it! And now I need to go get drunk to cope with the reality check!

  9. Haha. This looks like my college experience! Just kidding. Mine wasn't as hectic, was a little more study and then go off into the forests of Calgary and have all sorts of fun.

  10. Okay, I'm just being paranoid, but I swear that faculty line-up at 2:48 looks an awful lot like my institution. I recognize those steps and I'm pretty sure I know some of those people.

    Or maybe all professors just look the same in the penguin suits.

  11. Amazing. Love the multiple takes on Sisyphus.

  12. Thanks for the MP3 links! They'll be highlights on my "Workday" playlist along with:

    Minimum Wage (They Might Be Giants)
    Calling in Sick (Weird Al)
    (Stuck in this) Traffic Jam (Weird Al)
    Don't Worry About the Government (Talking Heads)
    Dog Eat Dog (Weird Al)
    Evolution 101 (Roy Zimmerman)
    Let's Get Branded (Roy Zimmerman)
    Older (They Might Be Giants)
    (Damn this) Traffic Jam (James Taylor)

    1. Oops, that's "Creation Science 101" by Roy Zimmerman.

  13. Bravo!

    I love the lampshade hats, ever since I first saw a few in the parade the day I received my A.B. They take the ridiculousness of academic regalia (already pretty high) to another level. And they always seem to be worn by extremely serious men with extremely serious degrees.


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