Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Tuba Playing Prof Calls on The Television Gods to Punish or Penalize, or at Least Sterilize a Snowflake-y Reality TV / YouTube Nutjob. Like the TV Gods Have Time to Take Care of Everyone Who Fits That Description.
Come on Television Gods!

One of my guilty pleasures is the America TV program, The Amazing Race. I’ll skip the details to get to my CM-worthy point.

One of the teams this season is two young people—aged 21 and 25—who identify themselves as “YouTube hosts.”

A task on last night’s episode set in Berlin featured this challenge: to gain admission to an admittedly cool, weird labyrinth, a team member had to tell the gatekeeper who spoke this famous international phrase: “Ich bin ein Berliner.”

Not surprisingly, the YouTube host didn’t know the answer. Conflicted and confused, he desperately and somewhat rudely began to shout at Germans in the bar to solve his “riddle.” When he finally found a bemused yet helpful Berliner willing to tell him the answer, he exclaimed, “Yay!!! I FIGURED IT OUT!”

PLEASE television Gods. Watching TV, I don’t want to be reminded on Sunday evening the snowflakery I must deal with the entire workweek. Guilty pleasures should be pleasing.

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