Saturday, May 18, 2013

This goes beyond helicopter parenting...

So I grew up with family friends who were kind of like cousins.  We are now sort of distant.  Well, not in any way estranged....just not in touch.  It's been 20 years since our families have had those barbecues.

Recently, one of them sent a video of her young lotus blossom, who is apparently quite a burgeoning genius, to 1,000 or so of her closest friends.

It is a three minute short of her young daughter straining over her little potty. 

THREE MINUTES of a small child straining.....and then finally getting that poop out.  Entitled "Patty's First Poop in the Potty," it ends with a close up of the poop, with the sounds of her parents cheering in the background.

Heaven help us all. 


  1. Worse than that is a co-worker who's like that.

    One of my teaching colleagues in our department used to post pictures in our lunchroom of nearly everything his two wee tykes did. It became rather tiresome after a while. I recall, though, that we were spared being spammed with that information in our e-mail accounts.

  2. Whoa. That is NOT OK. NOT OK! I dread to consider what will happen when Poopy Patty learns to do anything other than natural bodily functions.

  3. T.............M............I!!!!!!

    How I wish I knew of some way to make the font larger for this comment.

  4. This could explain why students are at a loss when they turn in an assignment that's a steaming pile, and you're not overjoyed to receive it. Their parents have been praising them for producing crap their entire lives.

  5. Her life has gone to crap already....

  6. These two are very smart folks, at least book smart. Both are academics. One teaches at an Ivy and travels to places like Belgium for sabbaticals. I have been guilty of being both jealous and intimidated by them, the few times I have seen them. I asked my mother if she thought it was some kind of weird humor. She said no, they just had the child a bit later in life and wanted to celebrate every aspect of her existence. I think my mom was a little offended that my tone was one of mockery. I think the worship of this person has reached such an extreme, in the circle of friends, that the "regular folks" just think they must be missing something if they don't immediately join in the awe.

    I think there is too much that I am NOT missing.

  7. Maybe someone ought to send the parents a link to

    1. You beat me to this! That thing is hysterical.


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