Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Wiseacre Sent This In.

I found Compound Cash's other place.


  1. Maybe he's now working at Kittrell College? It apparently closed in 1975, but that might not be a problem for Cash, who seems to inhabit a time warp c. 1965-1975 (i.e., what we know as "the '60s") anyway.

    Otherwise, I'd suggest he turn right on Route 1. That looks like safer country for someone with an uncertain grasp on present reality to be driving in (more space).

    1. Aha! I've got it! According to the wikipedia article linked above, Kittrell College is now "a Job Corps Center campus," teaching trades "including furniture making, culinary, and electronics." Clearly they're hoping to set up a horticultural science program to rival the one at NC state, and Cash is just the man for the job. But the starting salary must be low, so he's moonlighting a bit.

  2. I forgot Cash's fondness for redheads. Channeling "Wooderson" from Dazed and Confused? Thanks for the reminder.

  3. If I see Cash around here he better have the stun guns he "borrowed" from the supply locker 2 summers ago.

    Leslie K


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