Friday, June 21, 2013

ChrryBlstr, Like, Gets an Email.

So here's an e-mail that I received from Spacy Stacey:

hey prof,
i like failed the essay, and would like to tak to u about some of the comments made on it...
hence.. can we meet up...
like friday any time or next week any day, time... up to u ...

My response:

Hey SS!
I am not entirely sure what you are talking about since you received a B- (72 percent) on your essay. This is definitely not a failing mark! Further, I am no longer arranging office hours and meeting with students about their essays since the course is over. I strongly suggest that you review your paper and your subsequent request to discuss it.


What I desperately wanted to say:
trust do not want to hang with me right now....let alone ask for me to reconsider your mark. enjoy your summer instead.
peace out!


  1. 72 would be a B- in, say, Canada.

  2. i thik this is like so classic...

  3. So glad I can tell my students who don't like their grades to move to Canada.

    All e-mails that begin "hey prof" get deleted.

  4. I suspect that this is a British entry. See the use of the word "mark" instead of "grade." And the casual use of "hence" amidst chav language.


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