Saturday, June 15, 2013

Two Years Ago on CM: Lord, I Hope He's Texting. (From Middle Aged and Morose.)

Dear Student:

I am not blind.

You are sitting 12 feet away from me and you're looking down at your lap - where your hands appear to be extremely busy - and you're grinning like a fool.

If you're texting, stop it.

If you're not texting STOP IT.

Thank you.


  1. Fab, your choice of graphic is so naughty!

    1. Most people say, "Birdie!"

    2. But my grandmother (the very proper one) always called it a "shuttlecock." What she would make of this application of the term, I'm not sure (although very proper, she was not a prude -- in fact, she was a doctor's daughter who believed in sex education -- so she might actually chuckle).

  2. I loved this when it was first posted! Thanks for the re-post!


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