Friday, July 19, 2013


MOOC posts always generate a lot of spam. I've taken down 6 comments in the past hour from the  linked article below and I'm sure some more will come. Don't panic. We're swatting them away as quickly as they pop up. Some of them are not quite in English so us doltish one-languagers have to do a little Google Translate on them to make sure we're not taking down something golden!



  1. Do we need to come up with an accepted euphemism, like we use for tea-partying swear words? How about MOOCOWS?

    1. Maybe a little too close to the original (though adding the hyphen I've seen in some English sources -- Moo-cows -- might help). Perhaps variations on "bovine" -- "the bovine approach," "the bovine menace," etc.?


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