Thursday, August 8, 2013

If It's Thursday I Must Be Tingling.

In South Carolina now,
and another residency.

Lovely sunlit campus,
smiling, happy greeters.

I tingle with the notion
of new students.

Different accents,
different approaches.

A man brings me tea
in a modern canteen.

It is scrumptious.
"Let's use that as a starting point," I say.

"What is most scrumptious in your life?
What brings you pleasure?"

"Today," one woman says.
"Today?" I say.

"Just today. Getting another today.
Nothing tastes better."

"Not because I'm here?" I ask, smiling.
There is quiet.

"Oh, you're yummy to someone, I suppose,"
a man sitting next to me says.


  1. I would be happy just to be Dick's valet.

  2. Flunking PhD writes:

    I wish Cal would come to my school! Does he wear khakis? I bet he does.

  3. South Carolina!
    The sane one (says Colbert, who should know)
    Charleston, Columbia, any of it
    Would make me happy

  4. You have quite a busy travel schedule, Dick! I hope it is rewarding -- financially, in personal/professional satisfaction, and/or in grist for the writing mill.

  5. Fantastic poem! Seriously, this is great. Killer ending. Thank you for this!

  6. Replies
    1. Of course it is. Hidden meanings are always in poems. So are subliminal messages.


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