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RYS Flashback. Four Years Ago Today. Salaries.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Money - Real Numbers. Completely Unscientific Gathering of Non-Matching Data Sets, But What Exactly Did you Expect Here? We Half-Ass It All the Time.

Thanks to all for fessing up your salary numbers. We got so many in the first 90 minutes of the posting that we thought we'd share them now. Please keep sending info in, though.

And in response to countless notes from the more wonky readers: Yes, we know none of this data is statistically significant or valid or whatever. We know that we didn't collect the "right" information or "matching datasets." But then again we did shoot an 84 yesterday with pars on 16, 17, & 18! And that's really all we care about.
  • $42,500 in your fourth year for a 4/4 at a SLAC? That's hard to believe. We would pay newly graduated adjuncts more than that for a 4/4. I teach at a university in the South in the sciences. I alternate between a 1/1 and a 1/2 load. This year I'll make $105,500; though that includes summer salary off of grants. I'm an associate professor in my eight year.
  • $55,000.
  • I was just hired as an assistant professor at a small state college in the South, in the humanities. Starting salary: $51,000. 3/3 load. Spending freeze in effect: no travel money, can't even get compensated for business cards.
  • I took a full-time job at a University in the Midwest. I am the coordinator for a major ‘weeding’ course and teach about 18 contact hours a week. I make just over $31,000 – plus another $2,000 for giving up half of my summer.
  • $57,000 in chemistry. I occasionally teach summer which pays extra. I do research occasionally with funded summer salary. I still need to sell a gazillion textbooks to make ends meet.
  • I was very fortunate to get a VAP spot at a cool school in upstate NY. $60,000 plus a ton of perks.
  • $47,000, but no raises in the past 3 years.
  • I am starting my second year of T-T at a New England state college, I started at $52,000 but after I was hired I heard I might have been able to negotiate to $55,000 for previous fulltime adjunct work. I was so happy to get hired I basically took their first offer.
  • I teach at the R1 flagship in my state. I'm an assistant professor with a 2/2 load and going into my fifth year. I make $72,000.
  • I teach as an adjunct at a colossal community college in the southwest. I normally teach 8 classes a year (4/4) and my gross (!) pay is $19,000.
  • 3/3 load. $65,000.
  • At my SLAC in the Midwest, I'm fully tenured, teach 4/4, and make $49,500.
  • I'm in my second year at a faux-Ivy in the NE. I teach 2/2 and make $77,750.
  • Non-tenure-track instructor in a very cold state. $32,000.
  • I'm in my tenure year in a large California university. I teach 3/2 (1 release for administration) and make $94,000.
  • $12,000 per annum.
  • I'm in my third year as a Business proffie at a non-descript state university in the northwest. I make $82,000.
  • I'm at a nice community college in Washington State. I make $47,000.
  • I really don't think it's any of anyone's business, but $60,000. And I'm worth every nickel.
  • I'm a second year assistant professor in the social sciences at a medium sized university in the intra-mountain west. I make $68,000.
  • I can't afford a nice car, but my salary sounds pretty good for the 8 months a year i work - $62,5000 for a total of 5 classes.
  • $74,250 as an associate at a very good regional university in the midwest. My salary next year as a full "proffie" will be about $80,000. Not bad for a kid who flunked freshman Psych 2 times and was a Beer Pong champion.
  • I live in Wicked Walter's state! 2/2/1 load, $69,111. (Exactly.)
  • My salary this year is $38,750. I teach 5/5.
  • My salary got CUT this year from $80, 250 to $77,750 and I STILL have to teach 3/3, including 2 freshman sections.
  • I am a part-timer only, but usually teach 10 sections a year (including summer). Last school year it added up to $26,700.
  • Full professor at a Big 10 school. $154,000.
  • I've spent my entire career at a chuch school in the deep south and I make $87,250 as a full professor.
  • I am a humanities prof, so therefore try to remember that I don't teach for money...that'd be obvious if you did my taxes. 4/4 load, 6 freshman classes, $40,000.
  • I finished my Ph.D. three years ago but am still adjuncting in a large northeastern city. If I'm lucky I get about 4 classes a year for about $15,000 per year. Not surprisingly, I have other jobs.
  • 4/3 teaching. Service, of course. $45,000.
  • My very first contract as a t-t prof in math shows a starting salary of $72,500. I want MORE, though...of course.
  • Midwest private liberal arts college; science; second year; 2/2/2; $52k. More if I get a grant.
  • Junior college in the northeast. $70,000, but I've been here forever. Our new hire will make $45,000.
  • I'm not telling YOU. But around $50,000 and I teach 1/1 but have a lot of administrative duties.
  • This is a stupid question and survey. You won't get any usable data. I make $90,000 and I don't teach nights, weekends, summers, or Fridays. Boo-Yah. And, yes, Economists Rule.
  • 3/3 at a large Canadian uni. $66,000.33. (And I'm not kidding.)
  • I know you probably don't want a narrative, but I thought it would help. I am a trailing spouse and left a 2/2 job at $65,000 for part-time adjunct work teaching 6 classes a year that TOTALS $14,400 for the year. So, yeah, I'm pissed off.
  • 5/5; $56,000.
  • 4/4 - $70,000.
  • 2/1 (full research load including grad student mentoring) @ $97,5000.
  • Party school in the southwest, $48,000.
  • $77,700, about to be cut to $72,000, for a 2-2 load at a public R1 institution in a high-cost-of-living state. I am an Advanced Associate about to go up to Full, and have been there for 10 years. Includes publish-or-perish performance reviews every 2-3 years and a serious service burden.


  1. The job I really, really, really want for next year is TT at a southern SLAC starting at about $36,000 plus benefits, and I'll be happy to have it. Tenured people in my discipline tend to make around $50,000 and that's more than enough for my simple needs (no kids helps). I just need the tenure, now.

  2. The sad thing is that these are the same numbers now. I have received no salary increases in the last three years. The point of the administration is to reduce my overload pay as much as possible, by making up insane budgets to keep our salaries low.

  3. I'm always surprised when I see these flashbacks because I thought I'd read all the archives at RYS. Maybe not.

    But, these are stunning numbers. Just the incredible differences in amounts and teaching loads, and of course the tremendous abuses shown in the adjunct pay.

  4. Salaries seem to have stayed somewhat stagnant, sadly. Although my university is trying with small raises starting this year.

  5. Holy s***. I teach high school and I make more than most of the people on that list. And public school teachers make on average about 30k more than us private-school types. This is f****ing crazy. I know the adjunct drill (was one, am one), but tenure-track professors making peanuts like this?

  6. According to the American Math Soc 2012 salary survey, the median nine-month salary for an associate professor at a math department in the "public medium group" (between 4 and 7 PhDs awarded/yr) is $77k; the third quartile value (Q3) is $85k. (Sample size: 316 individuals.)

    My own current salary is below both values (17 years as assoc. prof, land-grant R1); between getting hired and about ten years ago, I used to consistently hit the Q3 value. But since then I have been ignored for merit/equity raises, and across-the-board raises have been few and far between.

    My dept chair recently announced a quantitative scheme to rate research productivity, based on impact of the journal and number of pages published over the past three years. I'm confident that this scheme places me in the top 25% of the dept. for research. So the absence of merit raises primarily reflects the people who have been dept chairs over the past ten years: three apparatchik assholes.

    My experience argues for deterministic raises based on "steps" within rank, with promotion based on a combination of time in step and quantitative research criteria, with no margin for human "judgment". Other countries follow such schemes, and their (unionized) faculty are in much better shape. (No raise? Strike now, and take to the streets!)

    1. Forgot to say: 2+2 teaching load (trending to 2+1 for a mysteriously defined group of people).

  7. I have gotten a couple of nice raises in the past few years. I am now making about 60k at my SLAC. 4/4 load. Humanities.

    But I'm a full professor and I've been on a tenure line for nearly a quarter of a century. I still make far below our regional average for similar schools.

    I don't feel that I can complain, though, considering.

    I always have to remember as well that it's a 9-month contract. If I were 12-month I'd be making 80k.

  8. I'd like to see how top-level administrative salaries have changed in the last four years. That and the football/basketball coaches. Actually, I take that back. I don't want to see those. Our NSWBLAC (non-selective wanna be liberal arts college) has actually managed to increase the faculty salary pool each year. Not by much, but then I don't want to complain when I know so many others have seen either no increases, or reductions.

    I wonder if we can hire adjunct administrators?

  9. Not many adjunct/non TTs on there. I adjunct at two schools, 5/5 between the two of them, and I make about $28,000/year. I'm very lucky to get health insurance through one of them but there's no real job security and I can't support myself and my kid on this pay. I'm getting out of this profession as soon as I find something better. I really do love my work, I just can't do this anymore.

    1. Drop some of those and go online. Less work, twice the pay.

  10. Some data from today:

    $55,000 as Associate Prof of French (8 years) with a 3/3 load in a non-selective satellite campus of a major public university in the Midwest.

    $74,000, 2/2, northeast lib arts college. Humanities. 2nd year.

    $22,500, teaching part-time, 7 sections a year.

    It has been remarkably difficult to figure out my post-tenure salary, despite the fact that it is publicly available as a state employee. If you multiply my biweekly base salary by 26, you get a different number than what's online, which is different than what I thought I would get by adding the standard tenure raise to my pre-tenure salary. As far as I can tell, my base salary is about $82k as a tenured associate professor (tenure received two years ago), plus I get 5K for being a graduate coordinator. It is a unionized non- flagship state university that is trying to become R1. Base teaching load is 3:3 with the possibility of 3:2 for research active status and 2:2 for research productive status. I am 2:2.

    $103,000. Religion professor in the Bible Belt. Tenured, 15 years.

    $93k. 24 years. Business prof in mediocre state university.

    Female full professor with endowed chair in humanities teaching 4/4 at unselective 4-year college in midwest. In my twentieth year of fulltime teaching my salary is $58,500; institution contributes another 7.5% to retirement; $400 travel money.

  11. Lifestyle One: 1 f2f adjunct position, research fellowship, 2 online universities (up to 10 sections at a time, plus section leadership and course design), a summer school gig, substitute teaching, personal research grant, textbook royalties. $60,000

    Lifestyle Two: Part research, part teaching, part administration of a research center, $75,000 per year with benefits. 2/2 courseload plus managing other faculty. No tenure.

  12. more updates:

    I'm a TT instructor at a community college in a large city. I'm in my third year, teaching 15 hours per week (which ends up being three classes, five hours each), and I make $55,940 per year. It would be more, but we've had a lot of budget cuts lately.

    tenure track, 3rd year, $81,250, business proffie.

    For each 3-credit undergrad section I teach at my SLAC; $3195. I teach one to four sections per year. I have a full-time gig outside the academy. My wife is happy that my teaching keeps me away from "Duck Dynasty" and "What Not To Wear". I'm being super nice to them with the whacky idea that I can tranistion to a full-time role at the school (preferably, but not necessarily in the classroom) when my full-time working days wind down in the next 1-3 years...

    22nd year at the same R1; $134,000, 2/1, no summers, I get paid for mentoring 1-2 extra grad students.

    first year as a part-timer at the school I obtained my PhD. I make $5,000 per class and teach 3/3 with full health and dental.

  13. another set:

    I'm a full time lecturer (quasi-permanent, but no tenure) at a mid-size, mediocre research university in the midwest. Full teaching load of 15 credit hours a semester, which works out to usually 3-4 large enrollment classes in introductory physics and astronomy. I'm also required to serve on committees and such. Research is not required but is welcomed. $42,000/ year plus benefits.

    Tenured prof in Social Sciences, $74k. 2/2.

    Another adjunct, $6000 per section, between 4-6 sections a semester.

    Part-timer with an MA in a large CC system, $2200 per class, max of 6 classes per year.


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