Friday, August 9, 2013

The CM Interview: Amelia From Abilene. First in a Series.

  1. What's wrong with the current crop of undergrad students?
    Some of them just don't belong in college.
  2. What's wrong with the current state of higher education in America?
    We play along and act like everyone belongs in college and take their money, either kniwing they will fail, or passing them without merit.mI'm not sure which is worse. Also, the idea that college life should be pampering creates a bad attitude when it comes to academic matters.
  3. What could regular faculty do locally to improve things?
    Not sure. I'd love to say we should band together to wash out the weak, but I don't know if this could really work.


  1. I like the interview. Thanks for speaking the facts, unadorned with political correctness.

  2. Something else I would like to add -- some of the students are just not emotionally ready for college yet! Give them a few years in the "real world" and they will have a far different view of college responsibilities.

  3. Oh, I like this idea! Three simple questions, a wiiiiide variety of answers.

    Feministing does the "Feminist Five" from time to time, usually from D list celebrity feminists. We could add two wild card questions (what animal best describes the majority of your students?) and send it randomly to a variety of scholars regardless of their awareness of CM.

    Applauding this idea.

  4. Really enjoying this series!


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