Sunday, September 22, 2013

Coming to a College Near You Soon...

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Former NFL offensive lineman Brian Holloway has a house and 200 acres of property in Stephentown, N.Y. Over Labor Day weekend, while Holloway was away, roughly 300 kids threw a gigantic rager at his house without his knowledge, trashed the place, and stole his stuff. Teens are the worst.

Aside from being the worst, teens are also stupid. They tweeted and Instagrammed photos while at the party, and Holloway easily found out why his house was fucked up when he got back. Instead of being furious—well, maybe he was still angry, justifiably—Holloway created Help Me Save 300, an internet effort to help straighten the paths of the kids who did an estimated $20,000 worth of property damage. Holloway put as many screenshots of tweets and photos as he could find, not in an effort to shame them, but to try and meet and speak with them. These teens had quite a party.


You'll recall Brian Holloway, the former New England Patriots lineman whose vacation home in upstate New York was broken into, urinated on and generally destroyed by partying teenagers. The party became a story because Holloway publicly shamed the 200-300 idiot kids who posted pictures and tweets cataloguing the various ways they mangled his property. Now some parents want to sue him for it. “Some complained that this will ruin their kids’ college plans. Others have threatened me, saying ‘Take my kid’s name down or I’m gonna press charges against you.’



  1. It is the last line of the column that brings it all home to CM.

    "It's unclear what college these parents think Johnny and Suzie GED are getting into. You have to believe that even for-profits would pass on applicants who voluntarily post pictures identifying themselves in the process of committing several crimes."

  2. If the kiddos are underage, isn't it the parents who are liable for their actions? I'd countersue in a nano-second.

  3. Wow, and this is why parents of college-aged kids continue to stay on my shit list.

  4. They'll get into college. Everyone gets into college. I wish someone could get these parents to calm the fuck down. I understand the world is a scary place for people trying to find their way into the workforce, but this kind of raging panic is clearly not working.

    1. "College: It's the new High Sch... er, Elemen... er, Daycare!"

  5. Brian Holloway's website is worth a look: The damage is unbelievable, and the blatant Twitter evidence is even worse. Good for him for making it public.


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