Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Odds and Ends (well, more Odd than anything) from Dr Magnus.

Here are a few random odds and ends that I sought might give someone a slight chuckle.

  1. Remark overheard from a student: I love going to school here ... there are so many girls and they aren't my cousins!
  2. Comment from a student: If you fall on that cast iron base and get knocked unconscious, Dr Magnus, we'll follow the fifteen minute rule: if you don't get up in fifteen minutes, we all leave.
  3. Comment from various students: If that TA Sinbad puts on his safety glasses, we know that we ALL need our safety glasses because something is about to go flying through the air. (You can guess that Sinbad was more of a "do as I say, rather than I do" TA when it came to safety gasses)
  4. Seen over a student's shoulder on the screen of their laptop: Latest eBay bids on baby chickens (he was actively bidding, too)
  5. The number of students who were brave enough to play paintball in the woods with Dr HaveEnoughRealFirearmsToArmASmallNation: 0
  6. Student behavior during a tornado warning when everyone is supposed to head for the basement: gather on the second floor open walkway between two buildings and watch for the tornado to approach
  7. Spookiest Halloween costume: Someone dressed up a like scarecrow with a pumpkin head, stood very still in the elevator, then quietly followed people out and peered around the corner at them
  8. Worst Halloween costume: The math prof who dressed up like a nerd AND NO ONE NOTICED


  1. Re #6: I'd probably be there with them. I know it's stupid and dangerous, but I've never seen a real live tornado, so I'd probably still do it anyway.

    1. Ditto. I have never seen one either. I'd be out there with a camera!

    2. I'd do it, but within running distance to a storm shelter.


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