Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cal Got Asked to Do an RTFS T-Shirt in Women's Sizes. Available in THREE Colors.

You can also add one of a variety of pajama bottoms, if that's how you roll.

from Cafe Press


  1. What size pink t do you take, Cal? And we already know you don't wear the bottoms.


    1. You know I'm a Double XL, you dirty girl. Oh, say hi to hubby for me. Tell him he has my sympathy. Oh, and today is the 32nd anniversary of our first date for me and B!

  2. Sweet! If the syllabus shirt matches pajama bottoms, I can wear it to class!

  3. Existential question: can you wear this t-shirt with Yaro pajama bottoms, or will that do something drastic to the fabric/equilibrium of the universe?

    (I can't remember whether the Yaro pajama bottoms actually have Yaro on them, but even if not, they carry his essence, no?)


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