Friday, October 11, 2013

Deke in Dearborn Lets a Twit Twist On Her Own Tweet. * UPDATED WITH NEW ART! *

So, we did a unit on social media at the start of the semester, public writing, public art, yada yada. I had a class Twitter account that I used for 4 weeks. It was actually much better and more interesting than I thought it would be.

But that unit ended and I pretty much stopped checking the account.

Alongside that, I've had one student, Marcia, drama queen, queen period, who has been having a hard time getting along with her classmates. She freaks out if anyone disagrees with her. And she'll occasionally, in a meltdown, come out with a string of profanity that is quite impressive. (And it's comical, too, because she has a tiny voice and always dressed as if we were going to serve tea at any moment.)

Anyway, two students have already come to me to tell me they are afraid to talk in class, and I really felt that I wanted to say something as well. So I had Marcia stay after class. Before I started really getting to it, she burst into tears. Victim. Her whole life people have been against her. Too pretty. Too bright. It was a cross. She actually said cross.

After a couple of tissues she pulled it together. "Dr. Deke," she said. "You know, I'm glad you told me about this. Really. I'm going to be better about all of this, my talking in class, and those attacks. I really actually am happy this came up. You really saw what I needed. I can't thank you enough."

Then she stood up and angled around my desk as if to hug me. No thank you, I thought. I put one hand out and sort of gave her a pat to her shoulder and she sheepishly shrugged and left the office.

Drama over, I hoped.

Then yesterday, a colleague was asking me about my social media unit. Was it any good? What worked and what didn't?

So in my office I booted up my class Twitter account and showed him how through clever hastagging my students and I discussed several concepts about the public art in Chicago.

About half a page down in my feed was a tweet from Marcia. It wasn't directed at me; it was just one of three tweets she had made that day.

It read:

While my colleague looked on, I retweeted her note and added this. "No you didn't."

Three hours later I checked the feed again and her account was gone.


  1. It does my wicked little heart no small amount of good whenever I can revel in a deep, heartfelt, mad-scientist's laugh: "MUUAAA-HAA-HAAAAA!!!" Marcia could probably profit from medication. Let's just hope that now that she's gone away, she'll stay away.

  2. I know it's a reused graphic, but it's perfect for this. Long live King Deke. And another welcome! Nice to see fresh faces on the blog.

    1. Indeed. I love the regulars, but there's been a breath of fresh air blowing through the blog this week, and it's very refreshing.

  3. I was going to use the same word Darla did----delicious! It's just so damn tasty a morsel of payback, and you did not have to do anything. Marcia did it all herself. Yay.

  4. I love it when they pwn themselves!

  5. I wonder what would happen if each institution's honor board (or similar) hired a work study student to search out and follow any undergrads currently on twitter. It might get the point across (or it might not, since this isn't the first time I've heard of a student posting incriminating things about a class and/or professor in a class where the professor does twitter-based assignments and follows the students for that purpose. Either they really aren't very bright, or the consequences just aren't substantial enough. I'm betting mostly on the latter.

  6. Did you get a screen capture of the tweet?

    1. I asked Deke for the evidence. We've added it to the post.


  7. I'd like to hear Marcia''s "string of profanity."

    Is there any such thing as an honest student?

  8. I hope your evals aren't a second place she attempts to denigrate your reputation. What a little shit.

  9. I'm firmly convinced that SHE WILL GET HERS in due time.


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