Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Two Readers Recommend This Book.

"The authors combine their thorough knowledge about incivility and workplace bullying with their deep insights into academic culture and changes taking place in the higher education sector. The result is an important wake-up call not only for policymakers and administrators, but for everybody working in academe."
—Denise Salin, researcher, Hanken, Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration

"Important, convincing, and deeply disturbing. Professors Twale and De Luca set forth the ways in which incivility has become systemic in academic culture and trace the history of this negative spiral."
—Sally Helgesen, author, The Female Advantage and The Web of Inclusion

"Faculty Incivility is a unique and courageous work by authors willing to 'tell it like it is' and dissect the conflicting agendas, arrogance and—yes—meanness that too often characterize their colleagues' behaviors. If this book were assigned reading for academicians, students, and even parents, the college campus might operate in very different ways."
—Billie Dziech, author, The Lecherous Professor


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    1. The book that is pictured in the post, Faculty Incivility. Unless you have images off or similar.

    2. This book

      If you have AdBlock or similar blocking functions activated in your browser, the Amazon image in the post won't show up.

    3. Does Adblock block all images?!?!? The horror! Cal is out of work.

  2. Thanks for the tip, the topic has been on my mind in recent weeks.

    From the Amazon review by Delar Singh:
    "In some departments, bystanders are aware of what is going on but usually do nothing to support the target (s) for fear of retaliation."

    That's more or less the topic of my next post (under construction).

    There is also a series of books by Kenneth Westhues on "mobbing" in the academic workplace. There is an extra wrinkle here in the self-image of academics as basically fair, rational individuals, incapable of subjecting colleagues to such shenanigans, unless somehow "they deserve it". I wonder if/why this type of behavior is on the rise...maybe it's related to the restructuring of universities as "businesses", when professors weren't looking.

    I couldn't resist looking up "The Lecherous Professor" (so it worked). It's about sexual harassment.

  3. One of my professional organizations recently issued a president's letter whose purpose was basically to order two different political(ish) factions within the discipline to be nicer to each other.

  4. I'm going to read this. It feels particularly important this week. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. That book was published in early 2008, before CM was a glint in Fab's eye.


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