Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mildred, Forgive Me. Cal's Confession.

I have done some terrible things in my life.

But most of them pale compared to the horrible avatar I made for Mildred many years ago on RYS. When she rejoined our community recently, I was horrified at the graphic that I had made her.

Mildred, forgive me. I'm just a poor kid born in Winnipeg, and I must have long held some kind of grudge against Alberta. I know I couldn't have been in my right mind.

So, please accept, with my humble apologies, a new avatar to replace the old.

And, look, I wasted 15 minutes where I didn't have to grade that stack of research papers. Win / mofu / win.


The new one!

Dear God, the old.


  1. Big upgrade! How do you go about making these?

  2. Yeah. I like the new one Much better.

    Hiram, my guess is Photoshop filters and playing with the tools there.

  3. Yes, lots of Photoshop futzing, and always with the goal of making them fuzzy and blurry and less-actionable to copyright infringement. I used to do a lot of work enlarging eyes and turning mouths upside down.

    Since CM started, I've spent more time putting 3-4 images together, although the new Mildred is just two images.

    And always different filters. Once someone bitched about how bad they were, I started making them worse and worse. Now I don't hear so many complaints, so I don't know what has happened. Perhaps people have given up!

  4. Does this mean that Mildred's old picture is available?

  5. THANK GOD you fixed this! Every time I saw that image I felt sorry for poor Mildred.

  6. I liked the old avatar better. All the men are in love with Greta, you know!

  7. Can you put in my cats? :)

    Thanks Cal!


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