Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"To the Guy Who Teaches Before Me." From Dr. Amelia.

It's been my pleasure to follow your act three times a week this semester. I haul all of my stuff across campus to the room they assigned me. I find that you have, once again, not logged yourself out of the computer, but did leave it locked. It gets my blood pumping a little to once again figure out how I can access my files now. It's like exercise. Angry, bitter exercise.

What a fun surprise to find the desks arranged in a new and exciting way every time I come in!

But today really took the cake. There was the computer, of course. The newest and excitingest desk arrangement I have ever seen - stacked in a tower. Whee. The candy wrappers behind the tower. And best of all, the board, covered with Latin scrawling. In green.

I didn't know I worked at Hogwarts. Perhaps you could get the house elves to clean up your endearing little messes ex post facto?

Dr. Amelia is not impressed.


  1. I had one teacher who would occasionally use control over the classroom for a power trip. On testing days, he would come in, go to the podium, start playing the Panem Anthem from the Hunger Games, then press the button to lower the screens with the Panem Seal projected onto them. And he would say "May the odds be ever in your favor."

    I didn't mind it because he did it before class, being sure to never waste class time. He did leave the Anthem on loop in the background though...

    1. Sorry, but I'm trying to figure out how this is in any way relevant to Dr. Amelia's post. I don't mean to be obtuse; I just don't get it.

  2. Wrappers! Yes, I have a cough drop maniac ahead of me in one class. She leaves tiny, crinkly wrappers on and in the front desk. I'm forever sweeping them up. I would like to visit the homes of these people and just leave them something to remember me by.

  3. Ugh. Do you happen to know who teaches in there before him? Some payback is in order!

    Our classrooms are locked between classes. This means the trash cans are not inside the classrooms (b/c janitorial staff apparently cannot be provided keys to open the classrooms, although they do have keys to get into the building and open every single office; just not the classrooms). This leads to mass quantities of trash being left in the room before I get there. I always do a 'trash check' and remind my students to take their trash with them, but not the people before me, apparently. Today, fruit flies were circling. It was disgusting.

  4. Fun rant.

    Board not erased at all? Geez, even my loser colleague makes a half-hearted effort to wipe it off, even if random word fragments remain to puzzle us in the next class.

    Desks stacked in a tower?


  5. Perhaps you might ask the house elves to let the air out of your colleague's tires? I could lend you my staple gun, too.

  6. I'm sorry, I'm sometimes guilty of this. I put the mega-sized computer screen down on the floor so I could see all the students last week and was discussing something with them so intensely after class, that I left the room without putting it back. I got roundly cussed out by the person in charge of the room, with hints of me having set up a security hazard that could cause a precious snowflake to trip and break his neck.

    So I think you needed to call the security engineer (you do have one of those, don't you?) on the spot and inform hir of this pile of desks that is threatening to fall over on some of your charges. That should get some help sorting out the desks and a message sent to Mr. Messy.


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