Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A simple yet heartfelt request

Dear Germy Gerald,

I'm sure it makes you feel very virtuous to come to work despite your disgustingly spluttery head cold, but if all you feel capable of doing is wandering into your colleagues' offices, plopping yourself down in their visitors chair and sharing how you feel you are "too ill to work" before making sure they know about all the work you have to do, then you're not working.  Other people do not need to watch you splutter, or to be exposed to your germs, and no one thinks you're a hero for being here.  PLEASE GO HOME!

Grumpy (who has too much grading to do to get sick in a physical sense, and is already sick with the Creeping Despondancies after reading too many student essays)


  1. Hand him a surgical mask and a bottle of Purell when he shuffles into your office.

  2. Gross. I'd go home instead, to avoid being sick.

  3. The Creeping Despondancies sound familiar. I've barely recovered from them after final grading, and expect a relapse as soon as next semester's students start handing in work.

    This is one thing I like about online teaching (and virtual handing-in of papers). It cuts down on germ transfer from students somewhat (and, I suppose, colleagues, too, if you can avoid them, but Gerald sounds hard to avoid).


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