Friday, January 24, 2014

Anderson Cooper Tears Racist College Students To Shreds. From HuffPo.

Anderson Cooper might have said it best when he called a group of college students "morons" for the way they decided to commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

The Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity at Arizona State University is under fire after it held a racist "MLK Blackout" party that involved people wearing basketball jerseys and drinking from watermelon cups.

"Now I know you don't want to believe that something so racist and ignorant could actually happen in 2014," Cooper began on Thursday. "Frankly, it would be easier to pretend someone got the story wrong. After all there's no proof that this happened, right? There is. In fact they posted pictures of the party on Instagram with hash tags like happy MLK day, homies and blackout for MLK!"



  1. This story makes me think that we, as a society, should stop fighting racism and instead fight stupidity. Racism is just a consequence of stupidity anyway. Maybe these students were out-and-out racists, maybe they were just stupid. Their stupidity probably manifests itself in lots of other damaging ways.

  2. "Tears racist college students to shreds"? Hardly. Calling them morons and putting on his offended hat hardly qualifies as tearing them to shreds.


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