Friday, January 24, 2014

Ethics Professor Arrested For Allegedly Attacking Pregnant Fiancée — Who Was Also His Student.

A Baton Rouge Community College ethics professor was arrested last week for allegedly attacking his pregnant fiancée — who he met while teaching her philosophy class, The Times-Picayune reports.

42-year-old philosophy professor Robby Burleigh and his fiancé reportedly got in an argument because he didn't want her to have the baby.

According to The Times-Picayune, "Burleigh's fiancée told police that he threw her to the floor, pinned her down and broke her phone so she couldn't call for help. She said he also dragged her across the floor to a gunsafe and told her 'You're going to commit suicide today.'"

More misery.


Actual RMP quotes:

  • Super laid back. 
  • Super cool teacher. 
  • Really laid back. 
  • Understanding, helpful, & funny. 
  • Seems to really enjoy his job & students!
  • Great professor. 
  • Really laid back and cool. 
  • Would definitely take another class with him. 
  • Plus he's really hot.


  1. "... one student noted their surprise about his arrest, writing, "just saw some disturbing new about Mr. Burleigh, doesn't sound like him at all sounds totally out of character for him. He was always talking about his daughter and his fience. (s.i.c.) I doubt he would do anything like that."

    Today's Ethics lecture... "Occam's Razor"

    1. I can't wait until the next time my nephew asks me for scheduling advice and immediately checks RMP on his phone WHILE I'M STILL TALKING. I'm going to point him to this as a measure of the reliability of RMP.

  2. He's a real winner!

    And what's up with the flood of linked articles today? Oops, I guess I haven't written a post, so I should just shut my yapper. Sorry RGM.

  3. The 22-year age difference apparently caused no comment until now? Because of COURSE she would have been every bit as attracted to him if he'd tried to pick her up in a club, looking uncomfortably middle-aged and out of place and breathing beer fumes all over her, as she was when she saw him standing at the front of her class as the the Authority and Arbiter of All Philosophical Knowledge. I'm sure he believed that, anyway. She likely did too. I wonder if she finished, or will finish, her degree? She's only 20. How much of her life has this derailed?

    At least he didn't succeed in making her "commit suicide".

  4. Now, see, with this one, I **really** want to know if they're gonna be hiring...

  5. Horrible, horrible story. I saw it on the news as well as here. Sickening.

  6. I'm very glad nobody died (and especially glad the young woman didn't die. I hope she'll be okay in the long run; in the short term, she's facing a perfect storm of intersecting really tough situations).

    The person who taught me ethics (in high school) went on to shoot and kill a faithless lover with a gun originally bought for self-protection, while in withdrawal from the drugs the lover had been supplying. Probably not the best role model, on a number of levels, but the incident did help convince me that buying a gun "for protection" is not a wise move.

    And now the ad in the sidebar is offering to show me how to get a concealed carry permit. So much for keyword-matching; computers still, apparently, can't read (a good thing for those of us who make our livings by reading student work).


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