Monday, January 6, 2014

Social Media Pro Tips For Students. From Dr. Amelia.

As we begin a new semester, did you know:

  • If your social media account does not have your name on it, but does have your picture, people can still tell who you are?
  • That harmless bitching that we proffies know happens behind our backs doesn't bother us so much when it's interpersonal, but when you mass broadcast things, sometimes we get a little offended?
  • If your Twitvineogram feed is all complaints about how things from class are "boring" or "stupid," this actually doesn't make you look all that good. If you say it in snappier language in order to look cool, it doesn't make it better? And everyone can see it.
  • You know how you linked your Twitvineogram to your LinkedIn? Everyone who might be searching LinkedIn for hamster fur weavers so they can give you a job now knows what you think about your present professional life. And what you would likely think about your future one if they employed you.

- Dr. Amelia


  1. On second thought... keep it up. We might hire you by accident.

    On a related note: does anyone actually use their names on Twitvineogram? FB? Snap-sext?

    1. It seems most people I see on FB and Twitter use real names. I know the occasional student I stumble across (thanks for that addiction, Kimmie!) use their real names, often use their proffie's names, disclose their dorm name, their schedule, the hookups, etc. If I were a parent of a TwitKid, I would never sleep.

    2. I use my real name on FB and LinkedIn, but not on Instagram or Twitter. In fact, I haven't used my Twitter account in so long that I don't even remember what my login is for that or what email I used to set it up.

    3. I use my real name on all my social media, but to be fair, all of my privacy controls are such that only people I really know are connected to me.

  2. I was a bit puzzled by all the question marks, 'til I went back and noticed the "did you know that:" at the top. I should have known Amelia wouldn't write like a Valley Girl, even when pointing out students' ignorance of social media.

    I'm on FB, LinkedIn, and Twitter under my real name, but I use LinkedIn barely at all and Twitter only for professional purposes (mostly at conferences). FB is the confusing place, since it's a mix of family, friends from various past schools (kindergarten through Ph.D.), friends from church, present colleagues, and a few random extras from other parts of my life. Even though I've got them all sorted into groups, I mostly read and don't post, though even then I wonder who sees me liking what (young relatives -- and at least one older one -- post some odd things, and I also rather like the fact that I've got a few fb friends -- mostly former classmates -- who are on a very different end of the political spectrum than I am. It's good to stay informed about what others are thinking, and to humanize those I'm tempted to see as irrational "others," but it makes for an odd mix, and I can never quite tell what it looks like to others). I know some people who have separate personal and professional facebook accounts (and also others who've done that in the past, and eventually combined the two). If I were going to do anything personal on twitter (which I have no desire to do), I'd set up a separate account.

    One thing I definitely don't do: friend students on FB or link to them on LinkedIn (I'll serve as a reference, but not a LinkedIn "reference"/ranker).


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