Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Adventures of Dr. Molly!


  1. Lovely! The different perceptions about what we do and what it means is delicious.

  2. I often passed information onto my students that wasn't in their textbooks because it was stuff I learned while I was in industry. I thought I was doing them a special favour by passing on something from my own experiences and which might make their life on the job easier. When I was an undergrad, information like that, coming from someone who had been "out there", was highly prized and I paid attention.

    Like the comic strip, I often got: "Will this be on the exam?" Over time, I cut back on that. If they were going to treat that information with such disrespect, they didn't deserve to hear it.

  3. When students ask me that, I ask them if they want it on the exam. They are often astute in their observations about whether the discussion was important or not.


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