Monday, January 27, 2014

The Adventures of Molly.


  1. It's the "Get Your War On" of academia. With a less sh!tty attitude?

  2. Shit, is it just Molly up in Ogden today? I better pack a sack lunch and get up there to post something silly. Maybe I'll be baffled at my bafflement. Maybe I'll try to Skype with Leslie K and get some dirt on her daughter's wedding. What is going on with that by the way. Where are the moderator updates!!!!

    1. We painted in the compound's main office today. The fumes are heady. Molly is wearing a respirator, but she's still made 5 comic strips that all end with "Molly" screaming "QUIT USING ALL THE COPIER PAPER, MOTHER F*&^ERS."

    2. Awesome! I can just picture it:

      Molly with paintbrush and respirator
      Later on...
      Back away from the copier Mofos!

  3. Nice to know some students stay constant in their estimation of Molly (or perhaps independent projects aren't graded until the end of the semester? Yes, I'm a bit cynical.)

  4. Sorry, Molly! I'm so busy grading that I can't think of anything original. Reading student prose kills all urges to think creatively.


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