Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Truly awesome: "Every Major's Terrible"

I don't usually post videos but this one is worth it:  the SFU choir sings the xkcd.com comic "Every Major's Terrible" to the tune of Gilbert & Sullivan's "Modern Major-General":


  1. And included a Pratchett quote!

    1. I liked the nod to Rutherford's comment about sciences other than physics.

  2. Why go to college, then? Why not do something useful with your life, such as join the military, or work at McDonald's?

    The astronomy joke was stolen from The Far Side. Did I tell you about my adventure with trying to license images from the Far Side for use in my textbook? It's really expensive and there are all kinds of restrictions. Funny how Gary Larson turned out to be neurotic to the point of paranoia in real life.

  3. What's that? Students with talent? In the Arts! Well, I'll be damned. Too bad my uni cut that degree.

  4. Love this. The only thing missing is something about an Education major or Exercise Science majors.

  5. Swiped from XKCD. Oh well... originality is overrated. Still fun!

  6. I noted the xkcd.com source in the post, as the video does also, and the YouTube channel. It isn't plagiarized.

  7. There's even a FOD for it, share the laughs and click that funny button~ spread the XKCD loving :)


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