Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Nothing New

Three pages.  Easiest thing we read all semester.  Short, simple amuse bouche for them to practice on before we get to the meat.
In Hell, all images
are left-alligned

Jason, how would you summarize the problem this essay addresses?  What question is it wrestling with?
I didn't read it.
Maryanne, how well would you say the author succeeds in answering this question?
I didn't read it.
Blethbracht the Desolator, why do you think he used that example there instead of a different one?  Do you think it's apt?
I didn't read it.
Lilliachrath-She-Demon-of-Anguish, why do you imagine there's this strange little digression before page three?  What's the point of that?
I didn't read it.
Shathan-Ur, He-Who-Flees-the-Light, do you think this author could be fairly characterized as a Platonist, or not?
I didn't read it.

And I looked out at their blank, cold faces, met their empty and pitiless gaze, and realized the truth.  I was in hell.  Hell is today's class, every day, forever.


Professor Peregrine said...

I feel your pain. I had a similar situation where I asked my class, the day before a debate they had ostensibly been prepping for weeks for, how their work was coming along and was met with blank looks. Not one group had even started. I ended class and said that they had all better spend the rest of the day and night in the library and I wasn't going to move the debate date nor lower my expectations.

The debate sucked, naturally.

Kate said...

The student names are hilarious.
I had noticed recently that comments were being moderated, and guess I should have seen the wall-writing. Thanks for all the fish, etc.

EC1 said...

I've loved your posts and comments, Prof C.
The closing sentences of this one perfectly match my feeling at the end of CM.

CrayonEater said...

I hate the 'deer in headlights' classes. They have become much more prevalent these past few semesters. One semester I told a class that they bored me to tears, couldn't even give me a nod of the head. I assigned lectures for them to deliver for the rest of the semester...of flunk.