Monday, September 15, 2014

We've Moved.

Listen, you'd be surprised at how little control we had over this. It's not so easy to get some college town to just let us move in, what with the guns, the duck, the other guns, the mescal, Katie.

It takes a huge security deposit and a lot of sweet talk. And sometimes we just have to overpower people with ether.

But we have taken up residence in Orange City, Iowa, on the campus of Northwestern College. We'll update you as we get settled.



  1. What is up with the "O" towns. Is there even a bar in Orange City, Iowa? I mean, what are we going to do in between 9 and 11 am classes?

  2. Disappointed. I was hoping that we could relocate to a village in Minecraft.

  3. Christian college? Did you sign a contract with them? Did they with you?

    1. I did a bit of reading on the website, and I think I, at least, might even qualify to work there -- well, almost, maybe (I always checked when I was on the market, and it turns out that, though I'm a practicing Christian, I'm qualified to work at surprising few self-identified Christian colleges). I belong to the Reformed tradition, though I'm not exactly evangelical. I could probably pass if I tried, except it's surprisingly hard to pass in an organization that almost but not quite matches one's own values. I guess I'll stick to my present secular university (where I'm quite comfortable), and make the usual virtual commute to the compound.

      Also, there's all that sports/"friendly competition"/school spirit stuff. I don't do well with that (but I'll attend performances -- music, drama, etc. That's all fine. Just don't ask me to cheer at people running around after a ball).

      But I see from the map there's a big cemetery in town. That looks intriguing; I like cemeteries. Maybe I'll come visit.

  4. I was hoping for somewhere more apocalyptic, so I suppose this works. :)

  5. Testing to see if my old CM callsign still works..and it does. Three blogs I've followed for years tumbled out of cyberspace in the past 18 months. So so glad this one is back....

  6. If college is about anything, it's about attractive blond girls gleefully splashing in water.


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