Thursday, September 25, 2014


Listen, I'm on sabbatical. I have my hands full putting in 35 minutes of work a day already on this page. Ben is doing a bang up job on his own Tweeter feed. So I'm just going to link to it over there in the sidebar. For all the latest mockery and smackdown, cruise over to Ben's part of the Tweeterverse You'll have a blast.

Posting this from an old-timey hotel bar, heavy tumblers, lots of wood.


  1. Oh, I see. I get stuck running twitter while your hanging out at some swanky hotel bar, talking up all the compound groupies. I never catch a break.

    1. Orange City, Iowa is full of grand old hotels with handsome first floor bars. I just did a body shot off of Walter.

    2. OK, less jealous now.


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