Saturday, September 20, 2014

We're back! Hallelujah!

This is me.  This is EXACTLY what I look like.
That's my teaching jacket, too.
I missed us!  I had no appreciative audience to tell that after all these years, a student finally sent me THE classic email:

"Dear Prof. Academic,

I just signed up for your class (ed. note: 2 weeks or 1/6 of the term after it began). Can you send me the syllabus? Did I miss anything important?"

If there were fewer than 300 students in the class already I would not have responded,

"Dear Student,

The syllabus is on the class website.   re: what you missed, please see this link.. See you Monday."

I have no idea if I actually did see her Monday, since, 300 people in that class.  But I have never been so perfectly set up before.  Made my day.

Glad to see y'all again.


  1. I see the "right hand photo only" rule has been relaxed.

  2. Next, we'll start seeing weekend thirsties. What kind of blog is the RGM running here?

  3. Welcome back, Merely!!

    Yes, Ben, the wheels are right off. Fortunately, the new mod ethos, which I've adopted from "Frozen," is "Let it go..."

  4. Thank the Professor CM is back! After AWC went under, I was getting really nervous. You see, I don't really consider what I do teaching so much anymore as getting paid to gather anecdotes for the site.

  5. Wait, are we supposed to have a teaching jacket? I'm missing out.


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