Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Today's College Rag Wrapup: Richland College Chronicle (TX)

Students fail at Basic Classroom Respect 101

By Written Kisten S. Chetty

It starts innocently enough - usually a single student, placing his textbook into his backpack. There were only about seven minutes left of class and the teacher was just talking about the next class. It seemed harmless to get a head start on packing up. Then the student next to the first sees the action and starts doing the same. Two more students see a trend and don't want to be late.

Within moments, a wave of shuffling, movement and noise travels through the class, making it impossible for the teacher to continue. The unfortunate lecturer decides this is not a battle worth fighting and dismisses class with time on the clock. I can hardly blame him. In the time it would take to get the class under control, the period is already over.


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  1. When the shuffling begins and especially if students start standing up early, I tell them that I'm running an ad-hoc preview session of the exam for those who wish to stay till the alotted time. Very often that quiets them down. Then I say that the the material covered in the last minutes of class will most definitely be given the same weight as that from the first minutes, so what I say next is an exam preview. And I follow through on that when writing the questions for the exam.


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