Monday, December 8, 2014

Clemson, Amirite?

While Clemson students protested non-indictments in Ferguson and Staten Island on campus this weekend, some frat bros decided to elevate the race discussion by dressing like gang members. Sigma Alpha Epsilon threw a "Clemson Cripmas" theme party Saturday night, which featured a lot of white kids sporting fake tear drop tattoos.


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    1. Ataturk thought the same thing in the early 1920s.

  2. The fact that no one said, "This is a bad idea," makes me wonder what kinds of people we are educating... never mind, I know... they're in my classes looking at me like I've asked them to drown a gerbil when I tell them to staple their shit.

    1. .....makes me wonder what kinds of people we are educating.....

      People who saw "Animal House" as a guide to life.

      People who deserve to be birch-logging with the North Koreans in those "secret" work camps in Eastern Siberia. Except they are doing it at gunpoint, while the North Koreans are paid (a pittance.)

  3. Very very glad we did not have these at my undergrad SLAC. Extra super duper glad we do not have them at the two year school where I teach. The few times I went to campuses w active Greeks we got warnings from friends where not to go. Drunk and young should not equal rape target, but sadly, it does.

  4. And let me add, this was 25 years ago...


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