Saturday, December 13, 2014

More Test Anxiety.

UCLA law students traumatized by exam question about Ferguson. So professor discounted answers to the question after complaints.

Some students at the UCLA School of Law have expressed concerns after a professor asked an exam question this week relating to the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, in Ferguson, Mo.

The exam, given by Professor Robert Goldstein in Constitutional Law II, asked students to write a memo related to the Ferguson shooting. Some students who took the exam said they found it difficult to write about the incident in terms of the first amendment while ignoring issues such as police brutality….

Hussain Turk, a second-year law student who took the exam, said he thinks the question was problematic because he thinks exams should not ask students to address controversial events. He added that he thinks the question was more emotionally difficult for black students to answer than for other students.

“These kinds of questions create a hostile learning environment for students of color, especially black students who are already disadvantaged by the institution,” Turk said.

Goldstein apologized for the question in an email.


From the Bruin.


  1. So, these are our future defenders of freedom??? Pussies...

  2. Even linking to this article as triggered me. Check your privilege!

  3. Goldstein should have counted the question and told those whiny assholes that if they couldn't handle a bit of controversy that they were in the wrong fucking field.

    Isn't college SUPPOSED to make you think a bit, even if it makes you uncomfortable?

    I really wish Goldstein held ground.

    1. I'm surprised the prof caved. WTF? Are these students expecting a stress-free, everyone-holding-hands-in-a-circle-singing-kumbaya, happy-cases-only career once they become lawyers?

  4. A great bunch of lawyers they'll make. With an attitude like that, they won't last long because they won't make much money only taking on cases with which they agree.


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