Friday, December 5, 2014

Somebody's Nice.

My dear friends,

Thanks for all the support you provide . . . you're the only reason I am able to get through some days without making the national news. I teach at a small liberal arts "institution," and we just wrapped up lectures for the quarter. Don't know if you've already used this .gif before, but I thought I'd send it your way, nonetheless. It sums up my feelings during these days dealing with the depths of darkness and frigidness . . . both in the classroom and in the environment.

I toast you often during the late night, usually just before closing time.

Thanks again,
Academic Rebound


  1. That gif is how my uni's president arrives at work each day.

    Anyway, all the best to you, AR.

    1. Snorted my water! Hilarious! And pretty much how mine does, too.

  2. Or, alternatively: Somewhere a search committee is salivating. The candidate they just know is out there (the one who bears no resemblance to members of their or anyone else's current contingent faculty, or even the battle-scarred veterans of the tenure track) actually exists, and now they have visual proof!

    Glad to hear from you, AR. Let us know about your misery in more detail someday, please; it sounds like you have tales to tell.

  3. Hi AR, classic image! Thanks for the weekend laugh. :) Our SLAC is also on the quarter system. It makes for interesting drama.


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