Thursday, January 22, 2015

Heart not in it.



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    1. It's not actually a single mascot. It's a Bundle of BFFs!

      During the halftime shows, each one takes a turn at the microphone to say how great zhe is and how great it is to be BFFs, and they drink wine together and talk about how great it is to be mascots.

      Since this show has been running, the crew has been able to get a jump on cleaning the stadium, as the audience has largely dispersed before the second half; however, they have noted an uptick in the amount of vomit.

    2. It's a Bundle of BFFs made me snort my water.

  2. Don't lose hope, Terry. The mascot project is a big one, and taking a breather from it once in a while would be expected.

    The misery comes in waves. It's a conundrum that sometimes, when we have the most misery to share, it's when the waves are overwhelming us and we lack time to share our misery in an organized way.

  3. Go Gorillas!

    Seriously, our mascot (unique in American higher ed) is the gorilla, in honor of the dust-covered but muscular coal miners who were so important to this region when the university was young.

    1. In that case I'm just down the road from you. But after the game this year I don't feel much like talking sports. It would have been better to learn this *last* year.

    2. I'm proud of the historical story behind our mascot, and the current logo is really cool, and it is kind of nice having something unique but not inexplicably odd (What's a Hoya?) but I have no particular attachment to the sports teams.

      Not sure if that's going to make you feel better or worse. Lions are very cool, too.

  4. "Just close your eyes and think of England"?

    I'd rather not think of our mascot, whatever/whoever he/it (almost certainly not she) is these days (we're a young but ambitious school in the midst of a perpetual identity/branding crisis, and fooling with the mascot is one of the things the burgeoning armies of administrators and consultants apparently consider important. I'd prefer that they spend at least the same amount of time and money imagining what a university with no intercollegiate sports, and so no need for a mascot, would look like. That, unlike most of what they do, would be truly innovative/out of the box -- well, except for the fact that Spelman's already done it).

  5. Can it be a compilation of all of our weird CM avatars?


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