Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Crime Beat. (Listen, Every Time Some Proffie Gets Pinched, We Get Links With This Subject Line: "Job Opening At University of Whatever." I Believe a Former Moderator Made the Same Joke At Some Point. I'm Sure I Laughed About It. And I'm Sure I'm a Bit Like You, Maybe More Handsome, More Slim Than Cal or Yaro, For Instance, But Let Me Be Clear: People Who Are Arrested, Even For Kiddie Porn, Are Not Necessarily Guilty. So, Like, Let's Be Human, Okay, and Don't Send That Vita Off Just Yet. Thus Endeth the Thing. In the Manner.)

Six Rochester (MN) men - including a professor at the University of Minnesota-Rochester, have been arrested and charged as part of a months-long child pornography sting.

Mark David McGinley, 58, has been charged by the Olmsted County District Attorney’s Office with seven counts of disseminating child pornograhpy. Rochester police said in a Thursday press release McGinley had made child pornography with a victim he knew, and authorities will continue to investigate to determine if other children may have been victimized by him.


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  1. Yeah, I clicked through. If you don't tell me up front what department they were from, I'll always click through. It's not my best feature, but I'm not going to hide it.



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