Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sometimes I Post Links From My Phone. Because I'm Super-Lazy.

"Is College Bad for Girls?" asks this 1905 booklet—unearthed by Melinda Lo and found via Christian Nightmares—by E.J. Richards and available at turn-of-the-century physicians' offices everywhere. Good thing we no longer talk like that!



  1. When I think about religious groups that prevent women from going to school, modern day Christians are not who come to mind.

    1. Not that some sects of it don't seem to be trying to dial back the clock to some idealized "good old days" that were only good for some.

  2. Given the cover I suspect it was meant for prurient interest, sort of the like the old (early 70s) porn movies that promised to "tell the truth about coed dorms!"

  3. Keep these coming, RGM! Love it!

    A friend gave me an old reel-to-reel tape in a box labeled "How to Be Happy Though Married." It might be a counterpoint to this brochure. If only I had a way to listen to it (which was part of the charm of the gift, of course).


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