Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Thank Goodness, More Ways Students Can Avoid Studying. From TechCrunch

Friendsy Is Tinder For College Students Only, Created By Two Princeton Students

During his freshman year at Princeton, Michael Pinsky went to the student lounge to watch a Yankees game. Knowing there were plenty of other fans on campus, he was certain it would be packed.

But the lounge was empty except for Vaidhy Murti, another fan, sitting on an adjacent couch. The two began to talk, becoming fast friends.

But the pair realized it doesn’t always work that way.

“You walk around campus and have hundreds of acquaintances, people you say, ‘Hey, let’s get a meal to,’” Pinsky said. “But you never do.”

So the now-seniors decided to try to fix that with an app called Friendsy. The app, which launched nationwide earlier this month, aims to connect college students, whether it’s to be friends, date or hook up. Friendsy launched on about 40 campuses before its national launch. In the two weeks since, its user base has doubled to more than 45,000.



  1. ". . . people you say, ‘Hey, let’s get a meal' to,” Pinsky said.

    Ahh. Fixed. I can go on with my day, now.

  2. I don't understand how this is different from existing applications. As an investor, I would ask them to demonstrate their defining difference more clearly.


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