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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thanks For Nothing.

I want to thank the college who interviewed me and then hired someone else.

Mostly I want to thank them for saving me from the idiocy that they clearly have in spades.

They hired - instead - someone who was still an undegrad in 2006. Someone who got an MA at a complete shit school in 2008, someone who has NEARLY NUDE photos on her Facebook page, someone who has DRUNKEN PHOTOS on her grad student page.

I hope they all have a big whoopie party when she shows up.

I guess my fucking career doesn't amount to a hill of beans if that's the kind of idiotic hire they choose to make.

I wanted that job, pitched it hard, and came to the interview with knowledge and experience.

And they hired some mojito-guzzling whore instead.

I hope they enjoy the fuck out of each other. Thanks for nothing.

- Bill from Bellingham


  1. How did he know about her Facebook page? I suppose this university ended up not hiring the stalker.

  2. "They hired - instead - ... someone who has NEARLY NUDE photos on her Facebook page, someone who has DRUNKEN PHOTOS on her grad student page...And they hired some mojito-guzzling whore instead."

    So there's hope for me after all.

  3. I've wanted to comment here since Day 1, but I have a memory impairment. I've created and forgotten so many Google accounts in an attempt to comment...but this post finally brought me out of lurking.

    I'm so sorry that Bill didn't get hired. Academia needs more misogynists. A woman's teaching ability is reflected in how much skin she shows when she's not on the job!

    As long as she's not hurting anyone, what a woman does with her body when she's off campus does not matter. Anytime you label a woman a whore, you're judging all women, get it?

    And I realize I'm being rude by not participating, then coming out swinging, but I really have been here since Day 1. There's a post from me way back, only I was called "Katrina from Kemmerer". I was nicer as Katrina, but I also wasn't posting at the end of the quarter.

    1. Glad you spoke up! Here's the post you reference.


    2. Completely agree. It sounds like that university dodged a bullet (and probably a lawsuit or three).

    3. Neala, please comment and post more as both personalities, and those in between.

  4. I remember in my pre-tenure days getting job rejections proudly trumpeting who the department ACTUALLY hired. I always thought it an insane practice, and Bill certainly proved why!


    1. My husband used to get these, too. If I received one of those letters nowadays, I would certainly Google that person, just to see what the school had actually hired (as compared to what they said they were looking for in the job posting). That's hardly stalking, Harriet.

    2. "stalking" was an exaggeration; I admit that.

      I can understand, say, checking out a publication list to see how competitive I was by comparison. But you'd check out their Facebook page? Oh my. :-)

    3. I've had cordial relationships with people who were hired instead of me. Of course, that year I also was hired - somewhere else. So maybe I'm not as bitter.

      And what Ogre P.H. said, below.

  5. It's interesting that as I was first reading this, I was right there beside Bill. Yeah, kids these days! Don't they know how that stuff looks to their future employers!? To their future students!? And then I got to the penultimate sentence with the W-word, and heard the sound of the needle scratching across the vinyl LP and of the argument being torpedoed and sinking with a depth charge finishing off its sunken carcass.

    I can accept that Googling the new hire -- thereby coming across her Facebook and grad student pages -- and some bitterness are legitimate responses. Maybe this is tone policing, but because of his choice of insult, I regard Bill as an unreliable narrator. I'm thinking the few pics of her on vacation and at a grad student function are nowhere near as sketchy as he'd have us believe.

    And a mojito is a damn fine drink.

    1. Right! I watch what I post too. The needle-scratch is a perfect reaction to that w-word.

      I've been jealous over jobs I've lost. But I had the sense to keep it to myself. That, or at least make fun of myself for it.

    2. I've just noticed that the w-word is not in the penultimate, but the antepenultimate sentence. In my defense, at that point, I stopped paying attention to punctuation. I'd hope that if I made such a gaffe, someone would call me on it, and I'd have the decency to learn from the experience.

      Regarding jobs lost, probably you figured that it wasn't the new hire's fault that you got passed over?


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