Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tenure is Not All Powerful.

An associate professor with tenure at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge says she’s been fired for using profanity in class, including saying “fuck no” and referring to cowardly behavior as “being a pussy.” She was fired in June, accused of violating the school’s sexual harassment policy.

Jezebel Link.

Advocate Article.


  1. Interesting detail in the Advocate story about her history with the school superintendent.

    "Cancienne [the superintendent] had asked repeatedly for her to send teachers to Iberville Parish, but she’d resisted because it’s a relatively low performing district, and her students teachers need to see standout teaching so they know what to do themselves."

    "Buchanan said the selective teaching program she ran is demanding, likening it to a medical school internship, making her unpopular with some students."

    "She said she thinks Cancienne’s complaints, and LSU’s desire to placate him, had something to do with her firing."

  2. Her use of certain choice words can hardly be considered just cause for dismissal. At worst, she should have been reprimanded and the matter ended there.

    When someone is sacked for such a small matter, there's usually a bigger reason behind it. I'd wager that a colleague or administrator wanted her head on a platter and was looking for something by which to get it.

    Isn't academic politics wonderful?

  3. Kids, we all know that one thing that can get tenure revoked in short order is sexual harassment. It's been that way at least since the '80s. From now on, we all must be careful to remember that blue language is now considered sexual harassment. From this day forward, university faculty may no longer use, in the classroom or anywhere else on the job, any of the 7 words you can't say on TV: "shit," "piss," "fuck," "cunt," "cocksucker," "motherfucker," and "tits"---and "tits" doesn't even belong on the list, man.

    1. Such a friendly sounding word.

      I'm still livid that they censored that bit not only on the air (which was obvious) but in the hall during the Mark Twain award ceremony for George. Weren't they paying attention?


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