Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The World. Amirite?

from USA Today:

A recent survey posed one of the more difficult “would you rather” scenarios to adults: have your own nude photos leaked online or your financial information stolen or compromised.

According to the May 2015 phone survey conducted by Braun Research for a MasterCard Safety and Security Survey, 62% of Millennials went with the first choice — opting to hypothetically have their own nude photos leaked online in lieu of dealing with identity left or other financial security issues.


from the Columbus Dispatch:

If the 21-year-old college student hadn’t left her laptop on a library table while she ran to the restroom, the computer might not have been stolen.

If she hadn’t had nude photos of herself on that computer, she might not have been threatened with seeing those photos splashed across the Internet.


  1. I'm with the 62% of millennials, mostly because I suspect the great majority of people have very little interest in looking at nude photos of me, especially in contrast to the plethora of other nude photos available on the internet. It probably helps that, to the best of my knowledge, there *are* no nude photos of me (give or take a baby picture). If they existed (and were under my control -- the key point, especially since the point of nude photos seems to be to share them with someone one trusts, at least at the time), they would definitely not be on a device that ever leaves my home.

    On the other hand, replacing credit cards, resetting auto-pays, dealing w/ the IRS post-identity-theft, etc., etc. are major hassles.

    Also, there's a lot to be said for telling a blackmailer "publish and be damned."

  2. The second part of this is ugly, but the first part brings a chuckle and a light bulb. Modern students confuse me, and their preference to be revealed nude is at odds with what I'd likely do in the hypothetical. Are they more together than me? Are their priorities better? Am I a, gulp, Puritan?

  3. I don't know, Hiram. I think they just might think too highly of themselves. The problem is with them, not you. And the second part is really ugly - "You've got it coming!"

    I would be horrified at the idea of naked photos of me being published, but I'm so enamored of Cassandra's tactic, that I hope I'd have that courage. Publish and be damned, indeed.

  4. In this age of Photoshop and similar software, all you have to say is, "Those pictures are fake. I'm much hotter than that."


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