Saturday, July 11, 2015

Why Can't We Just Get Along? We've All Made Stupid Choices.


  1. College students have been MADE stupid. We can always fix it if we work at it, said the old guy, still trying.

    They are NOT customers.

    They are lazy but don't have to be. My students who are lazy don't pass.

    College students have almost always been a little poor. Except of course for those who are not, the ones you always tell me they pay my salary.

  2. On the first day of class this past semester, an idiot who wouldn't stop texting told me he paid my salary. I said, "Oh, no you DON'T! I am paid by the state of California, whose interests are NOT served by me turning out incompetent engineers!" When I said this, my smile was a fatuous thing, dreadful to behold.

    But of course, I have tenure.

    1. I'm totally stealing that. Because I, too, have tenure.

    2. Ah, coming from you, Frankie, that is a great compliment!

  3. I'm not from CA but would still like to use this exactly as is because it would confuse such students for more than a semester - and who cares afterward?


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