Friday, October 9, 2015

10 million. Don't Make A Big Thing Out of It.

This blog passed 10 million hits sometime at the very end of September. I hadn't noticed the landmark, and had to do some calculations based on the last ten days, but that's pretty close.

VERY roughly, RYS did 15 million hits in 1649 days, or about 9000 a day. CM started 1933 days ago (and there was the 219 day hiatus) which means we've been active for 1714 days. Our daily hit average is around 5800. The Drudge Report news aggregator does 25 million a day, just for some perspective.


  1. re: the title.

    No chance...

  2. "RYS did 15 million hits in 1649 days"

    How many of those "hits" did Walter account for?

  3. Assuming the same 4 authors as CM, it's 3.75m each.

    1. Well, you see, 'hit' could refer to, uh, well, what you'd do with... well, they might call it a 'water pipe', not that I'd know anything about that because, uh, so... anyway, what I was trying to imply was, but I probably failed, and, well, they say, if you have to explain, then... you know. Right? So...

    2. I initially read Walter as "Walker" and had a very different kind of hit in mind.


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