Friday, October 9, 2015

Texas Southern Shooting. One Day I Imagine This Might Develop Into a Problem.

An 18-year-old freshman college student is dead and another person is injured after a shooting at Texas Southern University. The southeast Houston campus is no longer on lockdown. Houston police say two suspects are in custody and they are looking for a third person.



  1. At least nobody opened fire in a classroom today.

    I know; low bar.

  2. What the hell is going on? Is the End of Days or something?

    I emerged from what I thought was a collegial, albeit mostly unproductive meeting in a windowless room to a gawdayum hurricane battering the windows of the Donorbux Building hallway. I beat a hasty retreat to my office at the building core, thereupon to receive an email from the meeting chair summarising every preconceived misconception and misconceived preconception that zhe had held before the meeting as if it were consensus of the assembly. In no way could this have been written in the interim, and the same letter could have been written with no meeting whatsoever. Of course, the president was the addressee, and I was one of the signatories by virtue of my being listed as an attendee.

    In the States, there is a term, to "go postal", so named because somebody went nuts with a firearm in his workplace, which happened to be the US Postal Service, and enough others followed suit to suggest a trend. Today, I would have gone proffie.

    There's something in the water, and it is leaching and percolating planet-wide. But it manifests most often where twitchy thoughts coupled to twitchy fingers can amplify to explosive results.

  3. You know, Mr. Pennsylvania Penny and I live in one of those Middle-East-and-North-African countries that had that string of "Arab Spring" revolutions back in 2010–2011. We're in a major and (now) very calm city, with an enormous artistic and historical heritage that has been attracting tourists for millennia. Yet our friends in the US refuse to come and visit because they're afraid it isn't safe. Meanwhile, one of our kids is in grad school in a state neighboring Texas. I'm more worried about her than about us.


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