Sunday, December 20, 2015

About Kimmie's Blog.

Kimmie had deleted some abusive comments on AcaMiz and then took a beating for it. She said she was not interested in running the blog if that was the cost.

I thank her for keeping the spirit of this community alive, just as Ben did before.



  1. This shit pisses me off so much.

    First, thank you Kimmie for attempting to keep the dream alive.

    Second, for those that feel the need to be abusive, either in comments or emails, fuck off. Seriously. Go the fuck away. You're not paying for this. There is no need to be a raging prick (not that there would be if you actually paid for this). In fact, you probably have some deep-seeded issues that even making bitchy comments or sending bitchy emails to an anonymous community won't alleviate. Go seek professional help.

    Finally, to SparkyDarlin, thank you for stepping up. The Miz is dead. Long live the Miz.

    1. SparkyDarlin is not anyone's name. It's a shared user name attached to this blog. You will "meet" the RGM Monday afternoon.

    2. Gotta make a new avatar too. That one is such a dude!

  2. Well, I guess that explains why I've been getting hijacked to some damn Egyptian site whenever I've tried to go to acamiz the past two days. I came back here just to see what would happen. Thanks to Kimmie for giving it the old college try, and thanks to whoever is stepping up in her place.

  3. Thank you Kimmie!

  4. Roar, to quote Judy Moody....Any time she wants to revive Academic Mizery, I'll be there. And here.

    Misery will never die, just change locations and appearances.

  5. You know - I'm last to the party - I was too busy at the end of the semester to follow Kimmie - but wtf is wrong with people? I'm glad I missed whatever it was, but thank you Kimmie for trying <3

  6. Hey, Just found that the Misery was back online after the heartbreak of finding Kimmie's edition kaput. Thanks, Kimmie, for your efforts! I'm so happy to find more Misery. I felt a hole in my shriveled little proffie's heart when it seemed gone forever.


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