Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Please don't make this a chore. With update.

I know what readers think from comments and email.

You can all ease up. I am not responsible for what others say. I have been pretty hands off with comments. I don't run the page strictly for old timers.

I am not interested in blocking people. Anyone who reads the page knows what it is about.

Obviously students who read the page must understand that they are not among this page's historical audience. Some folks have been welcoming to them but apparently not enough. Someone wrote me a hateful and vulgar email which was about enough to sour me forever on this shit.

Fucking behave. If you don't like it here, believe me when I say I hear that sentiment and I understand. I don't like it much today either. I've asked Fab to help this week and I'm just going to take a few days. No big deal. He has spring break. He needs something to do! He suggested I not do it, but I am closing comments on these last two posts because I think it has all been said. I hope we get some new content soon. I will be back.



  1. Once, I was feeding a flock of ducks some old bread. As I was feeding them, a gaggle of geese came swimming over and began scaring the ducks away. The ducks were outnumbered and could not deal with the geese onslaught. Then, as I saw two geese swimming along stealing bread from some ducks, a turtle suddenly reached behind one of the geese and bit its tail. The goose went flying in fright and at least some of the ducks had a brief respite.

    I thought of this blog when I saw this spectacle. Me being the grant giver or alumnus donor, the bread being the grant/donation, the geese being college administrators, the ducks being professors, and the turtle being a tenured professor, and the pond being the college/university.

    I'm not sure if here is the best place for that story, but I may as well tell it now.

  2. Krystal, I am so sorry you are getting shit! People who e-mail you abuse are so out of line!

    I think you are wonderful!

  3. It sounds like Aaron broke his i-phone and he wants his mommy.

  4. Crystal,
    Thank you for being the moderator.
    Please keep on.

  5. Crystal, thank you for being an awesome mod.