Tuesday, April 26, 2016

CM Flashback. 5 Year Old Misery from the Cynic.

How to tell when you've spent too much time on College Misery

10. You've wanted to assign the blog as mandatory reading for your students...

9. You've spent hours laughing at vidshizzles and reading old postings because that's more satisfying than grading...

8. You've tried to figure out which users are posting under multiple monikers...

7. You know more about the people on this blog than your own coworkers...

6. When something horrific/funny/disturbing/weird/moist happens in class, your first thought is: "I can't wait to post that on CM."

5. You urge random people (not even academics) to check out the blog...

4. You get raging mad at complete strangers who disrespect your 'blog buddies.'

3. You have to shut down your computer to avoid seeing if there are any new postings...

2. You've spent several hours trying to figure out how to type something brilliant and insightful for the #1 slot and now realize you'd really rather just hear what your friends on here think...



  1. Not just me, then. Good to know.

  2. 1. You contemplate volunteering as the RGM.

    1. No, that is a sure sign of insanity. ;-)

  3. 1. You are more interested in thinking about your next post or comment on CM than you are in thinking about your next sentence for the real-life conversation you are currently in.

  4. A recurrent fantasy is to win the first billion dollar lottery and start a new university, and all your job search ads begin with CM colleagues are encouraged to apply....

  5. When you can't believe anyone could imagine it's possible to spend too long on CM.

    When your keyboard needs a new F5 button due to your excessive checking whether anyone has commented on your latest post.

    And by the way, I must take issue with the latest tagline: I have been a disappointing academic since way before 2010.

  6. Whenever there's a protracted lull in the conversation, you fear that the lights will go out.


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