Friday, April 1, 2016

Some Simple HTML for Posting. From Cal.

Kimmie's funny post and Crystal's dismay reminded me I've been remiss in not doing this earlier. I had not even thought about the formatting problems Crystal is coming up against; you could have said something earlier, darlin'.

There are a number of really simple things one can do when putting together a post, and while HTML coding sounds like it might hurt like something that requires your doctor to put on one glove, it's not too onerous.

Here are some easy ones. In most cases there's information you put in angled brackets around the text you want to format.




<Header2>Not quite so big text</Header2>

<font=blue>Blue text</notGREENyouJAGOFF>

<strike>When you want a strikeout thing going through the text, although I don't know why because you REALLY want us to see the word, right? I mean, that's why you did it. So just show it naturally; don't be afraid of your feelings.</strike>

<rant>Are you fucking kidding me? This command takes a mild complaint and ratchets the shit out of it! These students are making me crazy! That sort of thing.</rant>

<teaparty>This code replaces the word tea party with tea party. Wait, what the tea party. Tea party! I can't get this tea partying thing to turn off. Where the tea party is the rest of the code?</tea party>

<yaro>When this code is used, in the manner, it will turn your flaccid text into a wellspring - for what is not made better with water and the rising of it, as one knows, as has been clear to me these many years, the string being nearly unwound, but now wrapped in a lover's knot here in the Beehive state - of luminous language, freighting our otherwise pedestrian forays of "rants" and the like, into something worth the time, the trouble, something that both takes in the air and let's it loose, for we are nothing but living and breathing machines, aching, oh, of course, we ache, but it's the rise and fall of the chest - so near the heart, the crazy, lopsided organ so frail and heart at the once - that shows we're alive. I watch my darling Mrs. Yaro, the wheel to my barrow, her softness and magic in moonlight mornings here in the cabin, the sound, literally, of the natural world pressing inside, and her own breath, the same breath with which she assented to the only request I ever made that frightened me. And I know she is here, with me, and with nobody else, our place, our love, endless, not burdened or bounded by time or man or the triflings of this fallible world. </yaro>


  1. As someone else said. You are King Kong.

  2. I had the same idea but mine was a little funnier. This is ok or meh.

  3. That's not how you make text blue.

  4. This comment boldly refuses to be removed by Cal.

  5. Geez. Maybe Cal actually IS Yaro.

  6. Love love love. Funny man!

  7. Replies
    1. Note that the "yaro" format is no to be confused with the "undergraduatestudentpaddinganessaywithflowerylanguagejusttomakethewordlimit" format.

  8. Now I want to use Yaro font for something.

    (And if I do, will I be transported to a cabin in the beehive state? Could I trade that for a cabin in a somewhat more easterly direction? I'm afraid I will never reach Yaro's combination of generosity and equanimity, but a few months in a cabin might help.)

  9. For the first couple of entries I was making notes in my head so I could use these tips...and then I read the color one and actually LOLed, which I never do. Really funny. I needed it, too, what with 65 essays in my shabby briefcase and 48 hours to grade them!

  10. Yuri From YoungstownApril 2, 2016 at 8:38 PM

    Just checking in after a while. What a terrific joy to see you up and running. The Yaro commands! What if it were so simple to capture that great man's magic!


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