Wednesday, June 1, 2016

From Hiram. Song of the Summer? A New VidShizzle From an Old CM Friend.

I know I'm not alone as a subscriber to Compound Cal's music page. I've seen more than a few people on the site mention is past songs, even the much underrated Angry Archie collaboration!

But I admit I've paid as much as $5.99 for a couple of his CDs and I guess we're just fans of the same kind of music, because his songs sound to me like old friends, like songs I'd heard before but then found again afresh.

Anyway, I usually get pinged when a new video goes up on his website, but it's been quiet the past couple of years. And then today this!!

It's my song of the summer. Hi Cal. Can you give me a free t-shirt or now since I shilled for you on my own?


  1. Cal will forgive flames, please:

    "Cal, that gluten free diet doesn't seem to be working on your girth any..." said a fellow fat guy.


  2. I'm getting a free copy of this new CD, right? I mean, how much advertising did we give you, you fat bastard?

    Fabby (thin and lovin' it)

  3. He announced an ?EP? on the twitter this week...

  4. Nice to see Cal rockin' out again, with some very cool graphics to boot.

    Hope the gluten-free diet (and/or retirement) is/are allowing you to focus more on your music and less on your gut, Cal. If so, we'll all be the better for it (well, give or take a few potential students, but there are probably more qualified teachers than musicians with your particular gifts and perspective out there).


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